June Blessings

    Out in the garden, we are all in bloom. The roses have been in all their glory and had it past; now to deadhead and feed them a bit, to coax them into continuing their show.  Going out into the garden in the morning after I've fed the chickens (they must be dealt with first, or they will give you a very hard time about it, yelling from the coup like a chain gang-- pacing back and forth very very agitated to not be breakfasted yet) is one of my pleasures. The light is still gentle, and the plants have had a good rest from the sun and humidity this time of year brings to the plains.

   This past month was incredibly busy and hectic, although much of it was for wonderful things like tea parties, anniversaries and weddings! We drove down to the heart of Texas to see my brother get married, and just before that I hosted a small anniversary dinner for my parents on their 40th anniversary! I keep their wedding cake topper in a glass cabinet with my own, but got it out and had a cake specially made to go with it--- Italian cream cake with white and peach flowers, to go with the peach silk bells that had graced their first wedding cake 4 decades ago!

    But now the hub-bub is over, and its time for me to turn my attention to creating-- feeding the chickens (first, of course) enjoying the flowers, and also enjoying my loom! This spring I was given (given!!!) a LeClerc Mira loom after falling so in love with weaving when I was at Eureka! Fiber Chrsitmas last year. I took weaving lessons in April and have been practicing on my own loom now--- taking the whole process from the warping board....warping the loom myself, and now I've started on this over-shot pattern which I am so pleased with! In all honesty, I'm a little puffed up like a mama chicken with pride that I actually managed to get it all threaded and working. There are so many little steps, and so many little ways to mess it all up. Once I saw that--- oh my goodness-- the whole thing was working, well, I felt like a genius! And now, well, time to weave!

   But when I'm not weaving out in the studio I am, of course, painting. I got a new window unit for the painting room and I am so excited to be able to paint in the cool air! Delectable! Especially this time of year in Oklahoma! I am turning my attention to autumn and Christmas art too, so if you have any requests, well, do send them my way!

  I am also getting ready to send out my studio newsletter, full of little treats-- plus a special coupon that only my newsletter friends will get-- so if you havent signed up, please do! You can fill out the quick form HERE, and know I will never ever pinky swear give out your information! Its just for you and me! And I cant wait to send you treats and news.

  Well, off for now! Hope you're having a great summer!~
Take Joy!~


Winnie Nielsen said...

Your roses are always just beautiful! They are so big and pretty. I have my Mom and Dad's wedding cake topper and my daughter Kelley used it on her cake when she married. Your celebrations for your parents sounds very lovely and the cake was gorgeous and I bet delicious too!!

I am excited to learn that your loom work is going so well. There are certainly lots of steps to take and learn what to do. However, the few times that you have shared on your IG are really nice and I look forward to seeing what you decide to come up with.

Yay for AC in the studio too!!! Mercy, the heat had humidity has been awful here in Florida too. AC is just a MUST!!

Hmmm, Autumn, lovely inspiring Autumn!! You know me, I am always up for apples, pumpkins, and Halloween. Thanksgiving is also big on my list as well. I am inspired by the colors, the whole idea of harvests, and family life during Fall. It is a return to cozy, and more time spent enjoying seasonal delights like pumpkin pie and hearty soups.

Patricia said...

I am so impressed with your weaving! I know Tasha would be too. :) And Happy Anniversary to your parents- love the cake!

Prims By The Water said...

Love your beautiful roses! The cake looked wonderful! Janice

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