Garden Inspiration: The Berkshire Botanical Gardens

 And all of a sudden, it is spring!
      The winds sure are rolling today, its bright and sunny and warm. This past weekend was our first nice and warm weekend of the season (we'd go weeks with pleasant weekdays, only to have the temps plummet and rain come in just in time for Saturday and Sunday) and I was able to stop over to a local herb fair and get some plants.

   We are also really getting to work on the little garden area where the chapel is, and this weekend installed a gravel path and started planning! The inspiration for the garden is the time we've spent in Stockbridge, Mass., especially at the Berkshire Botanical Gardens--- some pictures of which I'm sharing here!

The day we visited, it was a chilly drizzly afternoon--- in June. This Okie, who'd just escaped the burning up prairie, was so thrilled to need a light sweater in June! And the light rain meant that we had the garden mostly to ourselves, and that all the plants were unfurled and lovely, seeking a drink.

  That amazing riot of color and those beautiful stone and gravel paths captured my imagination, and as we've started to work on our little back yard cottage garden, the beautiful spaces of this botannical garden has inspired me.

  All those intense greens from brilliant yellow to dusty sage, highlighted any blooms in its midst. Butterflies and bees loved the area, an I love the idea of a sanctuary space for those beneficiary little insects-- especially since I've discovered my neighbors keep bees and sell their honey!

  It will take work to get everything built up, and time for the plants to get established and thriving. But I'm looking forward to it....and will show you my little garden space soon!

  For now though, I wanted to show you my inspiration....and wish you a very happy spring!~

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Winnie Nielsen said...

Ohhh, this garden is lovely!! I especially love that bed of purple Iris. The flower colors and such green make it feel like a little paradise. This Florida girl can sure appreciate the thrill of needing a sweater in June too!! I look forward to seeing your recreation of an English garden with your little Chapel structure. It already has the most beautiful roses that bloom in the front!