Garden Chapel:: March

   In our back garden there is a little shed.

It has been full of bags of dirt, rusty shovels, children's toys. Last fall, however, as we were working on the garden, and tearing out a crumbling rock patio, I had an idea; turn the shed into a little chapel.

  So we swept out dirt and grime and cobwebs. I found an old dresser free on the side of the road. A friend sent me this lovely St Francis stone piece, and I added other items that can last outdoors. And now here it is--- St Francis of the Garden!

  Its time now, with spring coming, to turn my attention to the garden outside. Its my plan to turn the space where the old rock patio was into a cottage garden, and to reuse the stone to create little beds full of fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers. This plan, right now, is very modest. We've just got a little dirt and a lot of rocks.

   But I wanted to record this project in this very bare season. Things are getting greener by the day, and if all goes according to plan, this space will be filled with beautiful growing things. But there's always a beginning-- and here it is.

Here's to beautiful gardens and pretty chapels, come summertime....

In Bloom

    Greetings today, on March 20, feast day of St. Cuthbert~

    Spring has been chilly and a bit moody here in Oklahoma, but nature has decided she is ready to blossom, and each day things are blooming, greening, coming to life.

   Birds love nesting in the wide eaves of this old house, and each morning I hear cheerful cheeping--- funnily enough my closet seems to be the best place to hear little ones peeping all spring. The grown up house owner in my knows that....I probably do not want birds nesting in the old crevices of this place....but the mama and animal lover can't help but enjoy it.

  March always brings brisk winds out here, and the last few days they've been cold. That hasnt stopped the peach trees from bursting into bloom though, or me bringing home flowers to match the greening of the outdoors.

   The chicken yard is also welcoming new life....though, sadly, we lost some babies last night. I don't want to dwell on that sadness though, and Im sure another trip to the feed store for little pullets will be in our near future....

   At home in the studio, I've been painting. Several of my pieces have involved spring and flowers, and some saints. Next month I plan to take an intensive class to finally learn to warp and use my loom, and I'm so excited! Because, of course, I need one more always.

  If you'd like to see new things I've been making, please come by the etsy shop! Always new things coming in and old favorites being restocked.

  And now, to get ready for Palm Sunday and Holy Week all next week. We will make fresh palm crosses, and bury the old ones in the yard....because you cannot throw out Holy things. They must either be buried or burned. Some churches collect them back to burn and use the ashes on ash wednesday. We will bury ours in the garden, for blessings for a good growing season.

   Well, that is all for today! Hope you are well! Thinking of you all up in the north east with all your snow...stay warm! Your spring and lovely gentle summers will arrive before you know it.

Til next time...

Prairie Spring

Spring is here.

She came leaving blooming crocus in the bare flower beds. And more eggs than usual in the chicken coop. Also in lighter yarns on little needles, thinking of days that wont need a scarf thick enough to warm against bitter chill. Spring is coming more and more each and every day.

  And I am so glad of it! For all my love of New England, I do like that winter doesnt drag on through April in these parts. By Easter we will have a landscape filled with lovely blooms, and I'm looking forward to it! Of course March in Oklahoma brings the wind, and its blowing like mad out there. It'll be a miracle if there's a little leaf left on anything, as this wind comes sweeping fiercely down the plain!

   As for me, let's see....Ive been painting as much as I can and am going to list some new prints in the shop this afternoon. Sometimes I've woken up in the very early hours, unable to sleep any more, and go out to the dining room table to paint without interruption. That is always so nice, but usually I love my sleep too much to do it! Im wanting to create a lot of new work though and put together a calendar.....early enough to design and have ready in plenty of time to offer it for 2019.

   How have you been these days? Been drinking any remarkable tea? This afternoon I'm brewing up a strong cup of Stash's Double Spice Chai. Will add a dash of milk and dot of honey. So much tea these days....Ive lost my touch on making a good cup of coffee!

  Hoping you are well, and that you enjoy a beautiful spring!~
Let me know how you are!~