Season of Quiet Change

   It's a gray but warm morning here on the prairie. We had a nice thunderstorm during the night-- something I've missed since we are in a winter drought. The landscape is brown and dreary, but spring is coming....I see her popping up through the tangle of last year's dead grasses and vines each day.  But the warm days are usually giving way to frigid temperatures, Oklahoma never being able to fully commit to winter, but still getting chilly a lot.....good days for tea and knitting...

   I am, as always, working on several knitting projects. Ive cast on a pretty blue green shawl that I'm hoping will be done in time for my brother's wedding in May. I like to set goals for knitting, I guess! I've decided the shawl is my Lenten knitting project.

   I recently attended a wonderful fiber art retreat, and came home with some wonderful yarn and other things. I also came home with a new obsession--- wanting to learn to weave. More about that at a later post.... :)

  I can feel the season turning though, changing, and I'm ready for it. I hope, in general, 2018 is a year for change and moving forward. This raw season just before spring is a good way to see how change little bit at a time....each day, little green sprouts emerge. Spring doesnt happen over night, in a colorful flush. There is quiet work to do first. Beginning underground, before anything even reaches the surface. But in a matter of weeks, we will have blossoms and blooms. And the world will be changed with color. I am looking forward to this kind of change, in more ways than one.

A Cozy Spot

   Do you ever find one unexpected wonderful thing and then suddenly, you're inspired to tear up the whole house and redecorate because of it? That happens to me...sometimes. And it did a couple of weeks ago on a grand scale, when I found this beautiful upholstered wing back chair at an amaaaazing estate sale (I might have gone to it three times....).....

  I did not go intending to buy anything big...I swear! I had seen photos of the sale online and thought "Oh, I love this lady's style! I wonder if she'll have Tasha Tudor books!" because if she does, I am quite happy! But then I get in trouble because if I've stumbled upon a sale of a kindred spirit, uh oh....there are many things there that I love! And I feel like its a bit of my duty (a calling, really!) to rescue beloved things so that I can love them, and they go on being loved for decades more (see, its really a community service for me to go to estate sales, isnt it?)

  But I saw this chair and thought it was beautiful....there was a bit of texting with my husband....and then a lady was helping me carry it to my car! Just the sort of thing that happened when I found my spinning wheel. You just cant leave it there. And now this beautiful, faded, well made, comfy chair is my new favorite reading spot. Well, it was after I'd moved all sorts of things in and out and around and arranged....

      I was inspired to create an old fashioned area in my living room that, honestly, was sort of a forgotten area that we didnt sit in much because we didn't really love the love seat there (how ironic and unfortunate, right?) I moved the 'vintage style' radio over that I'd gotten for my birthday last year--- it looks just like the old ones, but it has blue tooth! And did you know you can find old radio shows on iTunes and its just like you're in the 40s!!? Ask me now I know ;)

   At the sale I also found some beautiful old books, like an old Book of Common Prayer (1928 prayers) and this little tome of Robert Burns poems. I also found the most amazing jar lamp at Target, where you can unscrew the top and fill it with what you want, and I'm filling mine with scrap yarn balls. The hoarder in me is quite satisfied that yes, there was a reason I kept those!

   All if of it was made even more warm and cozy by old photographs and prints hanging on the wall (the center couple are my great grandparents, Lannie and Emma, who lived on this very same street for 50 years!) and my 1940s embroidered foot stool I found at the antique mall last year. I am so happy with how homey and cozy it all became, and the majority of what is in the space is second hand and vintage.

   I'm not sure who these wonderful items used to belong to, but I hope that they know, somehow, that they are being enjoyed and loved by a new generation. One day these things will pass on to another 'old stuff' lover and I hope that they are as happy and cozy as I am today....

How about you? Have you found any treasures or completed any home projects that have you feeling happy and content lately? I'd love to hear about it!

Til next time,