Hello There!

Hello there, and welcome.
 With this new year I thought I'd make a fresh start with a new blog! And here it is, and here you are...so shall we begin?

   Starting out with a fresh journal, as it were, has me feeling a little bashful. I imagine if you're reading this you know me already, but if not, well, lets have a quick introduction...

   I'm Heather. I'm a wife and a mama to two. I live in a little prairie town in the middle of the United States, a place rather wind-blown and sweltering in the summer, chilly and also rather windblown in the winter! Several years ago we bought an old house in the heart of downtown, a sturdy old craftsman that will be 102 years old this year. I love its big roomy porch, all the original floors and pretty old doors, the high ceilings, the long flight of creaking, well worn old stairs. Old spaces suit me best, as I've loved 'old timey' things all my life. And really, I do my best to bring in as much old-timiness to our lives here as I possibly can!

  In the back we have a bit of an urban homestead, with our chicken coop and an old shed I've made into a chapel. From my kitchen window I can look out at the old brick carriage house, which in my imagination is like Jane Austen's little cottage home. In real life however, the first floor of it is our garage--- full of the mundane things garages usually get packed full of --but above it....above it is my space, my studio....a rabbit's warren of little rooms that make up an old apartment. And that is where I paint.

  My life as an artist has always just been my life. I have drawn and painted and doodled ever since...well, forever. I was always taking art class in school and then in college, and painted just to entertain myself as a young mother when our first child was born. I started a folk art business called Audrey Eclectic, named after her, but have switched over to being Sleightholm Folk Art in the last few years. Seemed only right to let her do what she will with her own name!

   My interests and techniques have changed over the years as I've gotten more confident as a painter, but what seems to suit me best would be to describe what I enjoy as 'the sacred and  the homespun.'  My little family does our best to live out the seasons of the liturgical year according to our Anglican faith, and I love to explore the traditions of faith and culture around the world. I have a soft spot for the saints, the feasts, and the unique traditions that filter down to us from centuries long past.

   I also love homespun things--- and over the years I've learned to knit and spin and am so enamored of fiber arts. I am also a lover of tea time and a good British murder mystery....I am, quite happily, a little old lady at heart!

    I do have a site where I list all my art news, such as new listings, events, classes, etc. But I've decided I'll have all that over here, and do more of my little ramblings here on this blog. I'll have them attached in the side bars, to its easy to switch between the two. And it is my hope that we can get to know each other a little better here on this more chatty blog, where I can go on more of a ramble.

   And so, that will be my introduction for now. I'd love to know a little about you! Are we friends, having known each
other for years and years? Or new kindred spirits saying our first hello? Whoever you are--- welcome--- cant wait to get to know you~


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Winnie Nielsen said...

I am quite excited to see your new blog today with lots of the topics that interest me too!! While I am officially an old lady( hehehehe!) , I have quite simply fallen head over heel in love with old traditions , history, and the simple crafts that American women created over the centuries the past decade. Let me also add, that I am obsessed with Log Cabins and everything about them and the people who lived in them. Add to that many decades of love of British mysteries, Anglican Saints and feast days, Tasha Tudor, and American Colonial history and you have an idea of the mixed-up love affair in my head of many topics.

I look forward to hearing from your other readers again like the old days. It was always fun to come and see what people were making and thinking about!!