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St Elizabeth of Hungary, Roses in November

There is a little church tucked into the steep side of a mountain in the Ozarks that I have always loved. It is old, made of stone, and according to Ripley’s Believe it or Not, unique because you enter through the top of bell tower.  This church, so beautiful, a little jewel set in among the dense trees, it almost makes my heart hurt. And it is the place I first learned about St.Elizabeth of Hungary, its patron saint.     Elizabeth of Hungary was born into an elite life; first a princess, then a queen. In a time where most people lived in hovels and died of a sundry of awful plagues, she was swathed in only the finest--- velvets, silks, jewels. Her world was castles, nobles and great men bowing to kiss her hand.
Miraculously though, the most precious jewel she was given was her faith, which gave her a tender heart for those not as fortunate as she was. She was a woman concerned with charity, caring for the sick--- be it with food or through nursing. Most of the people in her life f…

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